Infrastructure as Code: Terraform

Juan Carlos Ruiz Rico

Juan Carlos Ruiz Rico


Cloud Platform Consultant

Juan Carlos is a Cloud Platform Presales Consultant at Oracle, where he supports the expansion of the Oracle Cloud business in Spain and Portugal. JC was born and graduated in Computer Science in Malaga and joined the company in 2013 as intern at the same time of the 1st release of Oracle’s PaaS and IaaS services and continues his career in a proud and successful way. Alongside technology, his main passion is spending time with his family and friends.

Christophe Dame

Christophe Dame

Senior Sales Consultant

Christophe is a senior sales consultant for the French tech market at Oracle Malaga. Over 10 years of experience as software developer, consultant or project leader, Christophe has worked with many different technologies and domains, which has helped his companies and customers in taking well balanced technology decisions.

What the attendees will learn

HashiCorp Terraform is an open source orchestration tool for provisioning of cloud infrastructure and related resources that works with several providers (AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc). In this workshop, you will learn how to use Terraform to enable repeatable provisioning that can easily be incorporated in DevOps practices and CI/CD automation using Oracle Cloud as the Infrastructure target.


• Laptop

Workshop plan

• Introduction to Terraform concepts

• Access to environments

• Hands-on!

Infrastructure as Code: Terraform

Date and time:

Wednesday 23rd

12.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.


Infrastructure, DevOps, Automation

Target audience roles:





Main topics

  • Distributed Systems
  • DevOps & Architectures
  • Functional Programming
  • Big Data in the Business
  • Data Visualisation
  • IoT & Embedded

La Térmica, Av. de los Guindos 48, 29004 | Málaga, Spain

23rd-25th May 2018

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